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Choose the right glassware that compliments the right drink and your style!

Wondering which wine glasses to use? Which glass should you choose when drinking cocktails, beer, cognac, water? Tall or short glasses?

You may also be asking, how do I choose the right glass with all the available range?

Choose your style from the professionals that have been in the business of making glassware for over 250 years by visiting our site for all your glassware options. Learn how to choose the right glassware and select the correct type that suits your needs and style.

Don’t forget that after choosing the right glass correct temperature of your drink also plays a huge role on your enjoyment of the drinking experience!

Enjoy your experience with us and hope to see you soon!


Wine Glasses

Do you really need different glasses for different wines? YES! We know an indisputable fact that our wine glasses highlight and showcase the best attributes of grape varieties! Types of wine we are used to drinking create a special DNA of grape variety for us and this link draws us to similar types of wines rather than brands and regions. All wine is consumed for enjoyment and the right glass enhances the full potential of the wine attributes, its smell and taste! Find out more HERE


The main reasons why wine decanters should be used. There are two reasons why you should decant the wine and they differ based on the age. Older types of wine due to it being trapped in a bottle for a longer period of time needs to ‘breath’ and give a full expression of fruit. Also, sediment that has been collected for a number of years has to be discarded. Find out more HERE

Beer glasses

Find the perfect beer glass! The craft beer industry is enjoying a growing market and distinction almost similar to what fine wines have been enjoying. Like wine, different beers also taste better in different glasses. Whether sharing a few beers with friends or on an endless pursuit to find the most exceptional ale, our Beer Classics glasses are the essential vessels to release and maximize the beautiful beer aroma and enhance the flavor! Find out more HERE

Shot & Whiskey

Bar glasses are usually a ‘show off’ to your family and friends and a place you like to spend time! Imagine yourself after a hard day’s work relaxing with a perfect cold whiskey on the rocks enjoyed in the right glass! Choose from a range of distinctive designs provided by top glassware companies like RIEDEL, Spigelau or Nachtmann and you cannot go wrong! See our full selection of barware as well as German Award Design Collection of 2017! Find out more HERE


Perfect barware for perfect experience. Here is your perfect spot! This is your chance to shine! Perfect Serve Collection by Stephen Hinz won the German Design Award in 2017! Be sure to check this collection and to perhaps to start your own! Find out more HERE

Water, Juice & Tumblers

How important is the right glass for the most important drink – water? Setting the table with the right drinkware is like choosing the right jewelry for an outfit. The glasses will express your personal style, but will also establish the tone and mood of your event. Find out more HERE

Serving Plates & Bowls

Serve your delicious meal onto the table with style! We have a wonderful collection of tableware and serve ware including serving plates and bowls, serving dishes for parties and serving platters. From gorgeous cake stands, platter for cheeses, chips & dips, condiment dishes, crystal platters and lots more! These pieces are ideal for entertaining! Find out more HERE


Cigar ashtrays for your full enjoyment. Our round, triangle and square German produced crystal cigar ashtrays provide style and sophistication to their users featuring an amazing combination of cuts that brings out the most perfect appearance possible! Find out more HERE