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Perfect barware for perfect experience

Here is your perfect spot! This is your chance to shine!

Perfect Serve Collection by Stephen Hinz won the German Design Award in 2017! Be sure to check this collection and to perhaps to start your own!

Setting up a home bar? Cleaning out a surplus of miscellaneous glasses from your cabinets? Just wondering what the heck is with the plethora of glassware options at your favorite local watering hole? Not to worry! We’re breaking down the different varieties of glassware from the stemware to the standard to help you narrow down to the glasses you really need to keep on hand!

As a first step, start by selecting the right glass for beer or wine first, if these drinks are your first options, and build your perfect bar in stages from there.

Should your favorite drink be cognac, champagne, cocktail or any other drink please visit our website for full range of our world class European glassware. There are many designs, modern to old fashioned, smooth and seamless so you will have many options to choose from to enhance your drinking experience!

Barware is the spirit of each party! Find proper stemware and recipes to enhance the ambiance. You’d be surprised at the role correct glassware plays at each dinner.

Stemware refers to drinking glasses with a long stem between the bowl and the base. Common pieces include wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Barware includes glasses with solid, flat bases, like highballs and whiskey glasses.

In either case, the shape of each glass is designed to enhance the beverage it holds.

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