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The main reasons why wine decanters should be used


There are two reasons why you should decant the wine and they differ based on the age.

Older types of wine due to it being trapped in a bottle for a longer period of time needs to ‘breath’ and give a full expression of fruit. Also, sediment that has been collected for a number of years has to be discarded.

To speed up the aging process of younger types of wines they are decanted which allows them to move and breathe, fill with air bubbles and help the young wine ‘express itself.

Depending on your budget, choose a decanter that fits in your home, and that you feel is easy to use, wash, and take care of. Most importantly, use it regularly so it doesn’t get dusty and dirty.

We have a variety of decanters depending on effect that we want to create where some of the pieces create a vacuum in the decanter based on the design end up with air pockets that cut the surface of the wine and aerate it faster, making it perfect for young punchy wines.

Older types of wine will completely release its flavors in these decanters and we have a huge range of handmade and commercially produced traditional pieces that work perfectly with every wine.

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