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Do you really need different glasses for different wines?

Wine Glasses

YES! We know an indisputable fact that our wine glasses highlight and showcase the best attributes of grape varieties! Types of wine we are used to drinking create a special DNA of grape variety for us and this link draws us to similar types of wines rather than brands and regions.

All wine is consumed for enjoyment and the right glass enhances the full potential of the wine attributes, its smell and taste!

RIEDEL & SPIGELAU have spent over 250 years of trial and error in designing and shaping perfect glasses for each particular wine varieties. Working closely with sommeliers, winemakers, experts and designers these companies have produced an exceptional quality and shape that is today well known all over the world!

Our glassware is used in top hotels, restaurants, bars, winemakers and wine lovers as they have the understanding of how important your wine glass is to the experience of true wine enjoyment!

If you are wine lover who is just starting your glass collection choose a small collection of glasses based around the varietals you love. We recommend starting with three varietals, maybe one white and two reds, and that’ll be enough to keep you going until you’re ready to learn about something else.

Choose some varieties you already know and spend some time experiencing them. Use wine from different winemakers, different regions, and different vintages. It’s a great way to learn what you do and don’t like and start looking at the characters that these wines offer.

Of course, you also need to decide whether you would introduce these experiences to your dinner parties with friends, partner or just to enjoy this experience by yourself!

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