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Do we need to decant wine?

Red wines should be decanted in a decanter or carafe and it is a very important step prior to our wine drinking experience.

The main purpose of decanting the wine is to smooth out the tannins by increasing aeration and releasing wine complexity, bouquet and aromas.

Decanting wine also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide which was the main preservation element. Carbon dioxide allows wine to ‘mature’ and ‘develop’ faster, releasing higher levels of fruit especially in red wines.

Certain wines need to be decanted for longer periods of times than others but the main rule to follow: older wines need longer period of decanting (some wines taking up more than one (1) hour). For older wines it is recommended to position it upright for a day or two prior to opening. It would be best to follow the recommendations of the wine producer sometimes recommended on the packaging.

For younger wines, decanting is done by turning the bottle straight into the decanter and let it splash into the vessel, allowing maximum aeration.

Whether you are drinking older or younger wine, ENJOY!

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